It might seem daunting at first, especially if you have never been inside a games console or other electronic device but its really quite simple to fix your Xbox 360. Like any project the task can be broken into easily manageable steps.

1. Find out what the error code is.
2. Get yourself a good, comprehensive, well written guide.
3. Get the parts and tool necessary
4. Tough for some, including me, follow the instructions!!

Do all of these things and you will soon have your poorly Xbox 360 back on its feet.

Ok, you've got 3 red lights flashing and you've asked the question 'how to fix my xbox 360' - that's good, at least you've not given up before you get started. The first step then is to figure out what is wrong with your Xbox 360. To do this, look at the power LED - the ring of death as it is now - and the flashing sequence will tell you what is causing the problem. The red ring of death is caused by overheating, this is a known problem with the Xbox 360, but its difficult to tell what component has actually failed. However, the different patterns indicate numbered error codes which will help define the problem further. A good guide will list the error codes, as well as tell you how to open the console without damaging it, and how to fix the problem you are having.

That leads me on to the guide. There are many guides available online for immediate download as well as a lot of bad advice and downright dangerous stunts that can permanently damage your Xbox 360 or worse. However, I have found a great website that gives a comprehensive comparison of the best guides, as well as tips, hints and even sample videos, so that you can have the best chance of success. Its listed in my signature at the foot of the page.

Ok, once you have your guide, but you are still pondering 'how to fix my Xbox 360' - well next you need some tools. Don't worry, you probably have most of them already, all you really need are some screwdrivers, a pair of pliers, possibly a small drill, some nylon washers and some assorted screws, and finally some thermal heat paste. Again, a good guide will list the exact items but the total cost shouldn't exceed about $10

Time to get down to it then. Armed with your guide the whole job shouldn't take more than 1-2 hours and its almost foolproof. The basic steps are

Open the case
Remove the DVD drive, fan and mainboard
Remove the X-Clamps - the guide will show you what these are
Clean up the CPU/GPU and apply new thermal paste
Put it all back together
Do a 'secret trick' to make the whole thing work
Enjoy your fixed Xbox 360
So there you are, a simple, cheap fix and best of all its permanent. You don't need to send your Xbox 360 away for weeks or have expensive repairs done at a store, an hour or two and a good guide will get you back working again.

When my Xbox 360 suffered from the 3 red lights error, I did the legwork and found the best guides around - remember they are not all good or even suitable - and put together this website to help others have the same success I did. Good luck.

Has your Xbox 360 recently developed three flashing red lights, otherwise known as the Red Ring of death? You may also have experienced other problems such as overheating, graphics errors or even complete freezes. It may be no consolation but you should know that you are not alone. Although most people agree that the Xbox 360 is one of the best games consoles around it still suffers from a serious technical defect that means that you have to ship it back to Microsoft or performer repairs yourself

Although it is possible that the overheating issues can be fixed and you can get rid of the Xbox 360 Ring of death, for example by putting the console in a more ventilated area, or, heaven forbid trying the notorious 'Towel Trick', these are only temporary fixes. Microsoft will perform repairs for you, as long as your Xbox 360 is still a warranty, the whole process takes around four weeks and can cost you up to $150. Even after all that there is no guarantee that your Xbox 360 will not suffer from the Red Ring of Death again

However, the Xbox 360 Red Ring of death is actually very simple to fix. In order to fix the error all you really need are some simple household tools, such as screwdrivers, and a good Repair Guide. The best Repair Guides, not only come with an e-book giving detailed descriptions of the errors and how to fix them, but also with a series of high definition video walk-throughs to make the job quick, painless and error free. Many people have reported good results using these guides, and typically a repair takes no more than an hour to complete. In fact, it's possible to make some extra income either buying faulty Xbox 360's from auction sites such as eBay, or repairing faulty Xbox 360s for friends. If you do this then you will pay for the cost of the guide in no time at all.

So there you have it, don't throw your Xbox 360 in the bin if it suffers from the Red Ring of death. Just head on over to this website which lists the best Xbox 360 repair guides available today. Your Xbox 360 will be up and running again in no time at all.

Ok, here's a teaser. If your Xbox 360 has stopped working and you don't get a video display, then how can you tell what the failure is? Well, those clever guys (and girls) at Microsoft have thought about this very 'chicken and egg' problem and come up with a suitably clever solution.

The Xbox 360 is a marvel of modern design but it does suffer from a few well documented problems. The sleek case is not really built to cope with the large amounts of heat produced when the console is running and the Xbox 360 has no active cooling system. These two factors can only amount to one thing - the Xbox 360 is prone to overheating and all of the problems that brings. One nice bit of design that Microsoft did build into the Xbox 360 however, was the famous 'ring of light'. If your Xbox 360 has never failed, then you will only ever have seen the ring of light display green, and you probably just thought that it was a fancy power light. But did you know that this clever piece of design also turns red when the console has a problem and the secret of the failure is encoded into the sequence red lights that it displays.

Most of us have probably heard about the Xbox 360 3 red lights error. This is the most common error and is caused by overheating. There are many good guides available from the internet that tell you how to fix the Xbox 360 3 red lights error so i wont cover that here. What's less well known is that the ring of light can also help us pinpoint the actual fault and so help us to apply the correct fix, or know when to get it repaired professionally.

To get the error code you first have to switch your Xbox 360 on - that makes sense - and wait for the Xbox 360 3 red lights to show. You then press and hold the Sync up button, its a small white button on the front of the case, and press the eject button on the DVD drive. The segments on the ring of light will now start to flash the error code, one digit at a time as you press the eject button. Press it four times to get the entire code. Since there are 4 segments, you can tell the number as follows

• All four lights flashing - 0
• One light flashing - 1
• Two Lights flashing - 2
• Three lights flashing - 3

Ok, now that you have the code, say 1003, which indicates a faulty hard drive, you can take the appropriate action.

So there you have it, although the xbox 360 3 red flashing lights indicate a fault, they also contain the information you need to set about fixing the problem.

Now that you know the error code, you have to know what it means. I have found a great website that explains all of them in detail and offers some ways to fix your broken Xbox 360

Since the Xbox 360's introduction in November, 2005, a significant number of Microsoft's brilliant game consoles have experienced a malfunction that is indicated by three flashing red lights on the front of the console. The error is known, for obvious reasons, as the Xbox 360' Red Ring Of Death or E74 error.

The "Red Ring of Death" is actually a very common problem. In July 2008, Microsoft admitted that over 800,000 people are dealing with it and 30% of all consoles sold are failing and the rest have a chance of failure. With an Xbox which suffers from the red ring of death, you will not be able to play games and you can't use Xbox live membership without constantly dropping from online games, and losing your progress.

Owning a broken $400 game system is annoying to say the least. If you don't fix the red ring of death, your system will only deteriorate over time, and your Xbox may stop working altogether (which will cost you in the hundreds of dollars to fix).The sooner you fix red ring of death the better, but first you should know what is wrong with your Xbox 360?

The main cause of the 3 flashing red lights is overheating. To be more precise, it is an electrical connection failure between the CPU,GPU and the motherboard which is due to an engineering flaw in the construction of the Xbox 360. When Microsoft designed it, they downsized the heat sinks ( which keep the system cool ) to accommodate the DVD drive, and they chose a slightly unusual way of mounting to link them to the processors. They also failed to include and active cooling system other than a couple of inadequate fans at the back, which can easily become clogged or broken. So when you play on your Xbox for too long, the temperature reaches overs 120 degree, the motherboard heats up and begins to vibrate and flex against the X-Clamp plastic support . These vibrations loosen the soldering holding the graphics processing unit in place. This causes an electrical failure and the Xbox red ring of death error will happen.

So how can you fix this then?

Well, first of all, there is a myth going around that to fix the red ring of death errors by wrapping your Xbox 360 in a towel, turning it on for 20 minutes or so, and letting it overheat . BE CAREFUL !!! If you use this bogus repair method, you will risk turning a temporary problem into a permanent damage. Your Xbox 360 is a piece of high tech equipment not a toaster, avoid completely the "towel fix" and any "fix" involving heat. Your home may be at risk if you do this and leave it unattended!!!!

So is there a simple, permanent fix for this?

Of course, believe it or not fixing the Xbox red ring of death is not a difficult process and you don't need advanced technical skills or special tools to perform the "fix" yourself, I suggest you see a professional Xbox 360 repair guide with detailed clear video instuctions and pictures. These guides are developed by technicians with good knowledge and many years of experience in the electronics and video game repair industry. They will show you step by step how to take your Xbox 360 apart safely, how to remove the X-clamp and heat sink, how to apply the washers and artic thermal compound, and put it all back together. There are also written instructions with the videos and the 24/7 tech support can assist you to save time and money and get your Xbox 360 up and running within 2 hours

Those Xbox red ring of death errors will be a distant memory and now you can enjoy gaming again without fear of freezing.

Be careful there are some repair guides in the market which are a total scam . For the best guides I recommend that you visit this website and read their reviews. Good Luck

Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Repair

Posted by Dave Simpson | 06:01

If we have recently noticed three red lights flashing on your xbox console, then the bad news your xbox 360 is suffering from the so called xbox 360 rrod or red ring of death and you need to fix it immediately in order to avoid further damage to your gaming console. Microsoft has admitted that a large number of xbox 360 consoles may suffer from the red ring of death or xbox 360 rrod problems. You can identify it by noting one or more problems as given below especially if you didn't notice the three red lights on earlier occasions.

• If you notice that a disc is unreadable or disc error problems start occurring frequently

• If you notice that your xbox 360 suddenly freezes or crashes

• If you notice any strange or abnormal sounds from inside the Xbox 360

• If your system suddenly fails and you are unable to play the game on it.

Causes of Xbox 360 RROD problems

Overheating of the XBox 360 generally causes the rrod problems and if you continue play games for many hours, then the temperature inside the console reaches well beyond 100 degree centigrade. At such high a temperature, the soldering used for connecting the electrical wires melts. To avoid this problem, keep your console at an open space and if required it can be air cooled from outside by a fan.

Xbox 360 rrod repair yourself

of course, if your xbox 360 is under warranty, you should send it to Microsoft for rrod repair. If, however like most people who encounter this error, the warranty is over, it is better to repair it yourself. You dont need to be an engineer or technician, if you simply can follow the audio-video instructions and can understand English well, you can do the job yourself. The Xbox 360 rrod repair technique is quite easy and you will not be doing soldering work or any complex tasks for fixing the problem, which is quite easy and simple. So, instead of sending the console to Microsoft for repair, using a guide or ebook, you can fix xbox 360 rrod problems yourself.

There are many guides available, but the best ones come with detailed high quality video to show you each step in detail. When my XBox 360 developed the RROD i went to this website and bought the number one guide there. Within 2 hours i had fixed my XBox 360 console and was enjoying Halo 3 again

Xbox e74 error is a very common problem.When you don't have any technical skills, fixing this Xbox 360 error can be very frustrating. In an official Microsoft announcement in July 2008, Microsoft admitted that 25% of all consoles sold are encountering this problem and the rest have a chance of failure.

Shocking facts about the Xbox 360 and why so many people need to fix the Xbox e74 error!

- Almost 2 million consoles suffer this error all around the world

- The first 12 million XBox 360's sold had "a design flaw that could cause the e74 problem. In order to accommodate the DVD drive, Microsoft made the LSI heat sink ( which keeps the system cool ) smaller. Now, after prolonged periods of use, the xbox 360 can reach temperatures of over 120 degrees Fahrenheit

- The disc can be scratched by the drive if you move your system while its on ( this is not mentioned in the warranty )

- The late 2006 update caused some consoles to develop the Xbox e74 error

- Some Retailers have reported failure rates of up to 40%

- To fix the Xbox e74 error, you don't need new parts. In fact, this problem can be fixed at home within an hour.

So How do I fix the e74 error ?

As i mentioned above, the main cause of the Xbox e74 error is actually overheating.The graphics processing unit is held in place by solder which can get melted and your console starts showing the Xbox e74 error which won't go away until you fix it.

So, the key to fixing your machine is to deal with the source of the problem - the overheating. The best thing is that the e74 repair method can be done yourself. All you need are some simple tools and a bit if time. A professional Xbox 360 repair guide will show you everything step by step. For best results, you will want to get a guide that has detailed video instructions which can assist you through the process.

Xbox repair guides are fairly cheap, and they save you over $140 (Microsoft charges $140 to perform the fix and it can take up 8 to 10 weeks to get it back). Once you fix it correctly, you will no longer experience the Xbox e74 error and you'll be gaming again , usually within an hour or two.

There are many guides available but, like most things some are better than other. When my XBox 360 developed the E74 error I visited this website and got myself their number one guide.

I bought a guide from the website that came with Professional High Definition Video Tutorials, With In Action Camera Zooms , Fix in Less Time than it Takes to Mail Xbox 360 to Microsoft, Use Ordinary Household Tools ,Real Human, Knowledgeable Customer Support , No Special Skills Needed, Guaranteed Fix or Money Back, Be Playing Again - in 2 Hours or Less.

you know the problem - you are just about to blast your way into the alien HQ when - blam - your Xbox 360 freezes! not only that, but its been doing it more and more recently. Well, if your Xbox 360 console keeps freezing up you there are some things that you can do to fix this problem by yourself. Xbox 360 problems happen to nearly one third of all consoles according to Microsoft, so you are not alone. The main reason for your Xbox 360 freezing up is the build up of heat in the systems causing it to overheat. The Xbox 360 runs very hot on the inside while gaming is taking place. These overworked components soon fail when to much heat builds up causing your XBox 360 to freeze without warning.

When you first experience Xbox 360 freezing due to overheating you should immediately place the Xbox near a window or a door to cool it down. Your Xbox is not designed with the best internal cooling systems and ambient room temperature can have a major effect. This is one of the most common problems and placing it near a window is one of the easiest ways to cool the system down. However, sometimes this is just not enough.

The second reason for your Xbox 360 keeps freezing up could be an internal hardware problem. Your Xbox indicates a hardware problem by displaying three red lights. This is commonly known as the Rings of Death, and as its name suggests is not a good thing. This matter is more serious and needs fast attention. Microsoft would love to have you send in the gaming console to them so they can charge you while you wait six weeks for it to be fixed. The truth is you can fix your Xbox 360 yourself with a simple guide and can have the problem solved in about an hour.

There are many guides available to download - remember the best ones have video guides, and its easy to learn from a step-by-step guide that will ensure that if the problem occurs again you will be able to repair it and continue gaming within the hour.

When my Xbox 360 started to freeze I visited this site and bought their number one guide - I save $100 by investing an hour of my time. You should try it.x